Does your company fit in a box? Shouldn't your 401(k) program be unique, too?

What does your 401(k) mean to you and your company? A 401(k) can be just another item on your employee benefits list, or  it can be a program that is an incentive for employees and a reflection of your company’s mission and core values. At Align Financial Services Group, our objective is simply to help plan sponsors and plan participants create programs that align with the plan sponsor’s objectives and intentions. We help you identify what you want your plan to accomplish and then help you construct your plan accordingly.

We believe the most successful plans reflect the unique objectives of the organization. In short, we align investments and intentions. That might mean incorporating “green” or socially responsible options in your investment lineup. Or it might mean exploring customized profit-sharing options. No matter what your unique objectives are, we commit to helping you create a plan that is customized for your company.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are particularly skilled at targeting the needs of two distinct parties—employers and employees. We have technical expertise and experience to support your plan design, investment menu management, and fiduciary obligations. Your employees can benefit from our effective communication style that translates dry investment information into true financial education.
  • As independent advisors, we are free from arbitrary sales objectives and proprietary product constraints. We believe this is essential in today’s regulatory environment that mandates action in the best interest of the participant. Our independence allows us to give you the best of two very different worlds; the individual attention and commitment to client care that comes from a small business (Align FSG) and the resources and research sophistication of the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer (Commonwealth).
  • We are motivated by the broader issues of employee wellness and engagement. Financial stress is a leading cause of ill health. By working with employers to educate their workforce on financial wellness, we help create healthy and engaged employees, more productive companies, and vibrant communities.

Fiduciary Risk Mitigation: How We Help Your Plan Remain in Compliance

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), Janel understands the critical importance of fiduciary compliance. Upon your request, we will serve as a co-fiduciary of your plan in the areas of vendor and investment selection, fee assessment, and participant education. Simply stated, we put our “skin” in the game affirmed through our adherence to the AIF® Code of Ethics. Finally, we follow a well-developed process designed to ensure your compliance.

The pillars of our process are:

  • Consistent, regular participant education sessions to ensure that employees have the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Managing investment selection and monitoring through an Investment Policy Statement
  • Annual fiduciary compliance meeting to review investment cost and performance
  • Regular plan benchmarking to assess the reasonableness of plan fees
  • Independent plan design to avoid conflicts of interest

Administrative and Human Resources Support

Our active role with your plan and participants will reduce  the workload for your benefits department. We become an extension of your human resources team.

When it comes to managing your workforce, the human resources department has enough on its plate. We believe assisting participants with their 401(k) should not be one of those tasks. Align FSG is committed to being your employees’ first point of contact for all things related to the 401(k).

How Align FSG Works for Your Benefits Team

  • Enrollments are conducted by a licensed financial advisor on an individual basis. Participants will not need to seek investment advice from their benefits department.
  • We work with terminated employees to avoid maintaining those balances in your plan. Your HR team simply notifies us of the termination, and we contact the participant directly.
  • We are the first point of contact for your employees’ questions. Whether they are considering a loan or need help with the website, your HR team simply directs the employee to us, and we address their concerns personally. No calls to a toll-free customer service line.


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