Align FSG





Why We Get Up in the Morning

Ask any six-year-old on the playground what they want to be when they grow up. We're pretty sure you won't hear them pipe up “a financial advisor!” But after we outgrew our firemen and superhero ambitions, we discovered a profession that sorely needs protective heroes of another sort. And that is financial services.

Too many shenanigans take place in the name of “profit.” But what is wealth anyway, but a means to an end? What do you want to do with your nest egg? Why are you starting or refining your company retirement plan?

You have a purpose in mind—an intention. Perhaps it's to attract and retain good employees. Or to leave an amazing philanthropic legacy. To secure the educational future of your children or grandchildren. To sail the Azores.

Without aligning your investment strategy to your intention, plans go off course. Time slips away. Results don't materialize in a satisfying way. Our goal is to make sure that your investment goals always align with your intentions. We are not, and will never be, a cookie-cutter wealth management firm.

So, we opened our downtown Lancaster office in 2007 with the guiding principles of independence, education, transparency, and service. We believe that these principles make the difference between someone being an intentional, aware, and focused participant in the financial planning process or simply a consumer who accepts whatever hand is dealt.


Your Invitation

In everything we do at Align, we strive toward the goal of educating, not just managing assets. We invite you to meet with us, come to one of our seminars, or connect with us online and learn how we change lives by aligning investment with intention.