Independent Plan Design



Comprehensive plan services through expertise and accountability

  1. Trustee: The employer has the options of self-trustee, third-party trustee or trustee services from the investment company. Most of our clients elect to self-trustee.
  2. Investment Advisor: We are your plan's “engineers”. We help you define objectives for your plan and then partner with you to customize a “design” that is a reflection of your organization. We then shift our focus to building a relationship of trust with your employees through a commitment to education and a dedication to being accessible and accountable. Finally, we monitor your plan “design” regularly in response to changes in the plan, in the industry and in the regulatory environment.
  3. Plan Administrator: The employer can elect to use an independent third-party administrator (TPA) or administrative services from the investment company. We recommend the “unbundled” design using a TPA which emphasizes expertise and accountability. We will recommend a TPA or work with a TPA you select.
  4. Investment Company/Recordkeeper: The final step of our “design” process is to recommend a platform. After defining customized objectives for your plan, we match your needs to the services offered by the investment company. We then become your liaison and advocate to ensure you receive excellent services at a competitive price.