Do you work with business owners or key employees?

Have you been asked about managing their company’s retirement plan?

Do you worry that their company’s 401(k) advisor might solicit your client?

Do you want to explore a creative way to get in front of other potential clients?



We have created a solution to some of the issues that you may face daily. But our solution goes beyond just benefiting our firm and yours. Through collaboration, we can create a robust and comprehensive solution for corporate retirement plans and the savers who participate in them.

OUTCOME of this unique collaboration: a highly functional 401(k) where independent firms address the needs of the plan’s two distinct parties – the employer and the plan participants.

YOU: Support the owner with expert understanding of the role of their 401(k) in their personal financial situation. Support plan operations by recommending investments and developing model portfolios. Attend plan review meetings with the investment committee where you will demonstrate your investment expertise. 

AlignFSG: Support employees through education and guidance to maximize their use of the qualified plan. Serve as a 3(21) co-fiduciary to the plan, supporting the plan sponsor in achieving regulatory compliance. Satisfy the fiduciary obligation to ensure plan fees are reasonable through benchmarking.



Long-term vision and opportunities of COLLABORATION

Philosophical Alignment of our firms:
We suspect there is significant philosophical congruence between our firms.  Like us, your team is likely focused on putting the client’s interests first and delivering elite service through specialization. 

While you may focus on providing wealth management to high net worth clients, Align FSG is focused on qualified retirement plan service.  We do NOT target individual clients, ESPECIALLY those with more than $1 million in assets.

Example of how we develop a plan for your client profile:
Here are some examples of characteristics we will identify to help you “frame” the opportunity. For example, if your current clients are doctors and lawyers:

  • Doctors, lawyers and other specialized professionals tend to have less business knowledge compared to other owners.  Subsequently, they tend to be more receptive to “hands-on” guidance.
  • While their businesses tend to be smaller based on total employee size, they tend to generally agree that providing a 401(k) benefit is important.
  • The disparity between owner/partner and staff incomes coupled with higher rates of turnover among staff relative to ownership often creates problems. It’s important that these clients work with an expert who can recommend creative design solutions to maximize the benefit to key personnel.

Benefits of our COLLABORATION:
Through collaboration, we address BOTH what a business owner wants his or her plan to be (designed to meet their personal interests) and also what the plan needs to be (ERISA mandate to operate in the best interest of participants.)

A collaboration of specialists who are skilled in managing both the unique planning and investment needs of the client and also the challenges inherent in many retirement plans. 

Collaboration is the new Competition... Let's talk soon!

Let's Collaborate


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