Independence Matters

As independent advisors, we are thankfully free from arbitrary sales objectives and proprietary product constraints. We believe this is essential in today's regulatory environment that mandates action in the best interest of the individual client. Our independence allows us to give you the best of two very different worlds—the focused attention and commitment to client care that comes from being a small business, combined with the resources and research sophistication of the nation's largest independent broker/dealer.

We Care About Employers

The vitality of your workforce is instrumental to your success, isn't it? And financial stress is a leading cause of poor health, missed work days, and reduced productivity. Align FSG can help by educating your workforce on financial wellness to create healthy and engaged employees, more productive companies, and vibrant communities. Contact us to learn more about our seminars and workshops, along with retirement plan benchmarking and refinement.

We Care About Individuals

Our main purpose for everything we do is to bring relevant financial education, world-class products, and personalized service to our ultimate client—you! From the very beginning of our first conversation, you will be carefully listened to and treated as the unique person you are, with goals and dreams that deserve attention and intention.

Whether it's working with us as an individual advisory client, or as a corporate retirement plan sponsor, Align FSG has the passion and expertise to make a difference for your future.