Gone are the days when financial planning meant making painful sacrifices and sifting through mountains of boring information. Financial planning doesn’t have to be scary or mysterious. There is a better, more effective way to build a healthy relationship with money. Your understanding of your natural financial tendencies can transform your life—for better or  for worse.

Our seminars and workshops are designed with one goal in mind—to teach financial planning in a way that is understandable and useful. We will aim to teach you to make good decisions when it comes to using one of your most valuable resources—your money. We believe a solid financial education can protect you from yourself by helping you avoid the money mistakes that create stress and keep you from realizing dreams. A solid financial education can also protect you from others. Very few people will go through life without ever needing support from a financial professional. But not all financial professionals will have your best interests in mind. A solid financial education can help you distinguish the “good” from the “bad.”

Knowing more about money and investing is an important part of financial learning. But we place an even higher priority on knowing more about you  and money—that is, your instinctual nature as it relates to money. Our workshops will teach you to use this new awareness to make adjustments in financial behaviors that may lead to better decision making and personal fulfillment. With this knowledge, you can stop scrambling to pay for “stuff” that doesn’t really make your life better and start having more time and money for the things that matter most.

Our workshops are information packed and sales-pitch-free. The lessons are developed from our own real-life experiences with money and more than a decade of working through challenging financial situations with clients. We know these methods work because we have seen the benefits for our clients and ourselves. These are “do-as-we-do” learning workshops. Not “buy-what-we-sell” sales pitches.

Our workshops are offered throughout the year in a variety of formats—live events, Web events, and workplace lunch and learns. If you would like to be notified about upcoming events, please subscribe to our workshop invitation service below. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your organization, please e-mail us. As always, we encourage you to “get to know us” by joining our virtual community at Facebook.

Topics include:

  • Setting Goals Versus Defining Values
  • Determining Your Financial Archetype
  • What Is Values-Based Financial Planning?
  • Build Your Values Wheel
  • How to Identify Discrepancies Between Your Financial Behavior and Your Values
  • Where Are You Now – Taking a Financial Inventory
  • Where Are You Heading – Setting Values-Based Financial Goals
  • Shaping Up Your Spending
  • The 9 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
  • The 12 Commandments of Attracting Greater Wealth
  • Where to Start – The Financial Knowledge Quiz
  • Ready, Set, RETIRE